PA is a kind of engineering plastic with tough, wear-resistant, oil-resistant, water-resistant, anti-enzytic properties. Suitable for making general mechanical parts, wear-resistant parts, transmission parts, electrical instrumentation and other parts.

The Rallychem polyester wax structure is very close to the Montan wax, a long non-polar carbon chain with a very strong polar center is able to be compatible with the plastic in the polarity, which is internally lubricated. The part that is incompatible with plastic is used for external lubrication and demoulding. At the same time, it has the both effect of external lubrication and internal lubrication which is the best choice for plastic lubricant.

Product Form Drop point(℃) Acid Number (mg KOH/g) Viscosity (cps) Hardness (dmm) Density (g/cc) Property
RL 691 Polyester wax 75 1-8 <3 0.96 Polyester release agent. Low viscosity with non-stick property.
RL 925P Polyester wax 55 50 <8 0.91 Polyester lubricant. Excellent metal release performance and better gloss.



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