The usage of wax can improve the moisture resistance during the processing of the paper.

The SAMWAX wax emulsion is characterized by small average particle size of wax. Tiny wax particles are precipitated from the water phase and uniformly adsorbed on wood fiber. The water resistance is much better than that of direct waxing process.

Product Component Solid content Melting Range PH value Ionic Character Property
SE 331 Paraffin 50% 58 ℃ 7.0-9.0 N Waterproof
SE 910 HDOPE wax 35% 137 ℃ 5.0-6.0 N Good waterproof performance, high melting point
SE 130 LDOPE wax 30% 103 ℃ 7.0 N Waterproof, anti-stick, smooth feeling
SE 230 LDOPE wax 30% 110 ℃ 7.0 N Waterproof, anti-stick, dry slid feeling
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