PVC Edge Bandings

PVC edge banding is a material that protects, decorates and beautifies the section of furniture sheet. It can make a piece of furniture show the overall effect of clear and colorful wood grain.

In the production of PVC edge banding, the required lubricant must be adapted to the high-speed extrusion production process to ensure smooth processing and the wax can not be precipitated to affect the later processing. RALLYCHEM’s range of lubrication products can effectively help customers improve product quality and reduce rejects rate.

Product Form Drop point(℃) Acid Number (mg KOH/g) Viscosity (cps) Hardness (dmm) Density (g/cc) Property
RL 11 Polyester wax 76 1-3   <5 0.91 Internal lubricant. Good PVC compatibility provides excellent high fluid flow and reduced PVC intermolecular friction.
RL 61 Polyester wax 70 1-3   <8 0.91 Internal lubricant. Excellent PVC compatibility without precipitation. Applicable to PVC transparent products, improve fluidity and dispersion.
RL 60 Polyester wax 55 1-3   <8 0.91 Internal lubricant. Excellent compatibility and dispersibility for high transparency requirements, improved process flow and non-stick properties.
RL 100 Polyester wax 100 <0.5   <3 0.92 External lubricant. Lower melting point and viscosity, effective delayed plasticization, and excellent release properties.
RL 117 Polyester wax 118 300@150℃ <2   External lubricant. High drop point and viscosity, good plasticization control and dispersion properties, and maintains dimensional stability of the product.
RL 200 Polyester wax 118 1,000@150℃ <2   External lubricant. Higher drop point and viscosity, good plasticization control and dispersion properties, excellent release effect and better surface gloss.
RL 016A LDOPE wax 110 16   <2 0.91 Excellent external lubricity and fluidity, better surface gloss.
RL 925 HDOPE wax 140 25 10,000@150℃ <0.5 0.99 Fast increase the plasticizing speed of PVC, superior metal stripping and excellent dispersion properties.
RL 916A HDOPE wax 140 16 9,000@150℃ <0.5 0.98 Improve PVC plasticizing speed, superior metal peelability and excellent dispersion properties.



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