Rallychem of new packaging 2022

Sep 1,2022

Rallychem chemical will be responsible for its RLWAX ® The packaging of high-performance wax additives has been completely unified and upgraded. Simple and easy to identify, in the form of chemical industry art gifts, we continue to provide customers with reliable lubrication solutions.


Packing material:
The new packaging of RLWAX has been completely upgraded in terms of material, and three-layer paper bags lined with plastic film are uniformly used. While ensuring firmness and moisture resistance, it is more green and environmentally friendly.


Appearance design:
For the rich product types of rieler chemical, different theme colors are used for packaging, which is more convenient to distinguish. In order to avoid problems caused by similar and confusing packages during use.


Release time:
We will use new packaging to deliver new orders after September 1, 2022, in order to adhere to the high standards that the company has been pursuing.


RLWAX® High Density Oxidized Polyehtylene wax

High density oxidized polyethylene wax product series:

RL 916A, RL 916, RL 925, RL 930

RL 825, RL 525, RL 530

OP 16, OP 25, OP 30

RL 0595,RL 907


RLWAX® Low Density Oxidized Polyehtylene wax

Low density oxidized polyethylene wax product series:

RL 9308,RL 629TP,RL 1020TP

RL 680,RL 215, RL 216

RL 104,RL 6882,RL 550


RLWAX® Polyethylene Wax

Polyethylene wax product series:

RL 200,  RL 617A

RL 100, RL 102, RL 1002,RL 1031

RL 110A, RL 001, RL 002

RL 6102


RLWAX® Polyester wax

Polyester wax product series:

RL 10,RL 11,RL 31,RL 32,RL 61

RL 304,RL 691A,RL 9145

RL 60,RL 70

RL 18


RLWAX® Polyester wax

Polyester wax product series:

RL 1118

RL 1140

RL 1190


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