High density OPE wax RL-916A

Improve plasticizing speed, super metal peeling and excellent dispersion, suitable for PVC transparent products.
Product Details
  • Significantly improve metal release performance and plasticization especially suitable for PVC transparent products, better products surface, same as AC-316A.
  • The oxidized PE wax is a very efficient external lubricant in the PVC processing. It can improve the plasticizing speed and metal stripping during the hard molding, thereby increase the dimensional stability and production efficiency. In PVC rigid transparent formula, the lubricant performance of high density OPE wax is better than other internal/external lubricants.
  • RL-916A has Excellent metal release, Increase the fusion speed, Excellent clarity. For PVC transparent products, the RL-916A is a more cost-effective alternative for AC-316A, and has become the first choice for a large number of customers.
Material Specification:
Item      Test Method Specification
Acid Number TMP-QCL 16.5-18 mg KOH/g
Property      Value
Hardness @ 25°C (77°F) < 0.5 dmm
Drop Point, Mettler 140°C
Density 0.98 g/cm3
Viscosity @ 150°C (302°F) 9,500-11,000 cps
Property      RL 916A
Product Form Powder
Size 100% minus 60 micron (200 micron, test method 309-OR)
  APPLICATIONS: PVC Cable filler, TPE process aids, hot melt adhesives, PVC processing, Emulsion.   Rheology comparison (Harp Rheometer) Testing condition: Speed-30RPM, Feed-62g. Mixer temperature: T1, T2, T3, 175.0℃ DSC-TGA

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