Low density OPE wax RL-216A

Mildly improve the plasticizing speed, anti precipitation and improve the surface brightness of PVC products.
Product Details
Low density OPE wax is a good choice for gloss and internal lubrication, especially for transparent materials. It is often used in PVC thermal stabilizers, pipes and CPVC products. Rl-216a is mainly used in plastics, corresponding to AC-629a. The fluidity of RL-216A is better than ac-629a, while using in PVC injection molding and CPVC products have more advantages.   Material Specification:
Item      Test Method Specification
Acid Number TMP-QCL 13-16 mg KOH/g
Property      Value
Hardness @ 25°C (77°F) <6 dmm
Drop Point, Mettler 110°C
Viscosity @ 140°C (284°F) 200 cps
Property      RL 216A
Product Form Powder
Size 100% minus 60 micron (200 micron, test method 309-OR)
  APPLICATIONS: PVC,CPVC  processing, Wax emulsion  

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