Polyethylene wax RL-200

High viscosity, high drop point, excellent coating wettability and dispersion, suitable for color masterbatch and plastic processing.
Product Details
  Material Specification:
Item      Test Method Specification
Acid Number TMP-QCL N/A
Property      Value
Hardness @ 25°C (77°F) < 2 dmm
Drop Point, Mettler 114°C
Viscosity @ 140°C (284°F) 700 cps
Property      RL 200
Product Form Powder
Size 100% minus 60 micron (200 micron, test method 309-OR)
As PVC external lubricant. Higher drop point and viscosity, good plasticization control and dispersion properties, excellent release effect and better surface gloss. In mater batch, excellent pigment wetting and coating, good dispersibility, excellent color appearance, no odor. APPLICATIONS: PVC processing, Master batches, Rubber lubricant, Powder coating

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