Polyester wax RL-691

Synthetic polyester wax with similar Montan wax properties and better price .
Product Details

RL-691 is synthetic polyester wax with similar Montan wax properties and better price.

As a wetting agent, flow agent, dispersant and mold release agent used in various plastics.

Used as lubricants for PVC extrusion and film, color masterbatch and various engineering resins such as PC,PS,PA,ABS,POM,PET,PE and PP.

Provides excellent temperature stability, extremely low volatility and improved surface gloss without causing precipitation.

Prepare paste formulations based on mineral or vegetable oils to provide superior performance for the polishing and care industries.


Material Specification:

Item      Test Method Specification
Acid Number TMP-QCL 1-8 mg KOH/g
Property      Value
Hardness @ 25°C (77°F) < 3 dmm
Drop Point, Mettler 75°C
Density 0.96 g/cc
Saponification Value 120-130 mg KOH/g
Property      RL 691
Product Form Powder
Size 100% minus 60 micron (200 micron, test method 309-OR)
Bulk Density 450 kg/m³

APPLICATIONS: PC, PS, PA, ABS, POM, PET, PE and PP modification


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