Polyester wax RL-9145

Especially recommended for Color Masterbatch, excellent temperature resistance and dispersion, can obtain more vivid color and gloss.
Product Details
  Material Specification:
Item      Test Method Value
Acid Number TMP-QCL 12-14 mg KOH/g
Property      Value
Drop Point, Mettler 100°C
Product Form White Powder
Size 100% minus 60 micron (200 micron, test method 309-OR)
  APPLICATIONS: RL-9145 is a polyester wax with a unique molecular structure provides good internal and external lubrication, wetting and dispersion property in engineering plastics and polyolefin plastic. Widely used for PA, ABS, PC, PS, PBT, PE, PP and other plastics modification and masterbatch pigments dispersion.
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Good fluidity
  • Excellent wetting and dispersion
  • Improve mold release performance
  • Odorless

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