Polyethylene Wax RL-1002

Lower melting point and viscosity, effective delayed plasticization..
Product Details
  Material Specification:
Property      Value
Drop Point, Mettler 118°C
Hardness @ 25°C (77°F) 3 dmm
Viscosity @ 140°C (284℉) 30 cps
Property      RL 1002
Product Form White powder
  APPLICATIONS: RL 1002 is the PVC high-performance external lubricant to improve PVC flowability and mould post releasement. Through reducing the low melting point and increase high melting point proportion, achieves advance lubricate function and promoted post demould effect. The suitable viscosity of RL 1002 has excellent performance in the of PVC stabilizer formulation design and the PVC processing.
  • Higher average melt point
  • Excellent thermal stability to gain longer processing time
  • Good batch stability
  • Better products surface gloss

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