Ink and Vanish that cover all print applications. Waterbased, UV and Specialty ink and vanish for all online and off line applications and press configurations. Carefully selected to provide excellent finishes such has high gloss, matt, and high rub resistance.

SAMWAX water-based wax emulsions can be compounded with resins to improve the scratch resistance and adhesion of the film. Different wax emulsions also have different gloss levels.


Product Component Solid content Melting Range PH value Ionic Character Property
SE 913B HDOPE wax 40% 137 ℃ 6.0-7.0 N High hardness and excellent wear resistance
SD 9000 HDOPE wax 50% 137 ℃ 7.0-9.0 N Scratch resistant, smoothness feel
SD 906 HDOPE wax 50% 137 ℃ 7.0-9.0 N Scratch resistant with matting property
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