HDOPE wax emulsion SE-936

Higher gloss.
Product Details
* Good stability, lubricity and softness, low foam, hydrophilicity, good feeling * No-iron resin fibre protectant, effectively improve the tear strength of the fabric * Yarn wet wax product, low yellowing Material Specification:
Item Specification
Form Light Yellow Liquid
Technical Data
Wax Type PE Wax
Solids Content 33-35%
Ionic Character Non ionic
pH-Value PH值 6.0-7.0
  Storage To be stored at least 12 months under +6-28℃, to avoid frozen and temperature higher than 40℃   Dosage 1.Yarn lubricants Wet waxing after dyeing cotton, cellulose fibers, synthetic fibers, wool and wool blended fiber Wax emulsion: 0.5-3% owf, Temperature: 25-40℃, Heat preservation 10-15min ,Drying 2.Easy-care resin finishing process: Resin:10-20g/L, Wax emulsion:10-30g/L, Softener:20-30g/L 120℃ drying   Packaging * 50 KG/Drum * 120 KG/Drum * 1000 KG/Drum  

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