The metal die release agent could act as a barrier between the mold and the casting to effectively prevent or reduce the mechanical damage during the molding. It plays an indispensable role in improving the appearance quality of castings and extending the life of the mold.

SAMWAX wax emulsion as metal die release agent is widely used in die casting metal and metal processing industries. Good wetting on the mold at high temperatures, preventing Leidenfrost Effect from being moldable and easy to release. Good adhesion to the mold to protect the mold and extend the service life. The surface of the casting is smooth and clean, and does not affect the post-treatment of the casting.  Environment friendly and more cost-effective.


Rubber gloves are a type of glove made of rubber sheets or films. According to rubber materials or manufacturing processes, could be classified to latex gloves and molded gloves.

SAMWAX wax emulsion is used as a latex glove release agent, anti-adhesive agent and release agent, which can be added when latex impregnation or polymer impregnation. Improve mold release, anti-sticking, ozone separation, increase flexibility, smoothness, wear resistance and other properties.


Product Component Solid content Melting Range PH value Ionic Character Property
SE 910 HDOPE wax 35% 137 ℃ 7.0 N Higher melting point, good mold release
TM 810 HDOPE wax 40% 137 ℃ 7.0-7.5 N Better heat resistant
TM 811 PP wax 35% 153 ℃ 9.5-10.5 N Higher melting point, more hard
TM 812 HDOPE wax 40% 137 ℃ 7.0-7.5 N APEO free, more environmentally friendly
SM 9000 HDOPE wax 50% 137 ℃ 7.0-9.0 N Good performance in mold release
SD 906 HDOPE wax 50% 137 ℃ 7.0-9.0 N Stable property, smooth feeling,excellent in mold release
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