HDOPE wax emulsion SM-9000

Good performance in mold release.
Product Details
*Gloss, slip, scratch/ wear/ abrasion/ impact/ stain resistance * Oil Resistance, Abrasion Resistance   Application * Opv’s inks * Nitrile Glove * Supported Glove   Material Specification:
Item Specification
Particle Size 0.4-0.6 μm
Wax Type PE Wax
Solids Content 50%
Ionic Character Nonionic
Melting Range 137℃
pH-Value PH 7.0-9.0
  Storage To be stored at least 12 months under +6-28℃, to avoid frozen and temperature higher than 40℃ Packaging * 50 KG/Drum * 120 KG/Drum * 1000 KG/Drum

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