HDOPE wax emulsion SE-947

Excellent hydrophilic and low volatility.
Product Details
Yarn: Excellent hydrophilic property, smooth feeling, lubricate yarn, reduce the friction, protect yarn strength. * Excellent stability, salinity tolerance. * No volatile materials, low yellowish after drying Fabric: Reduce the friction, improve hydrophilic property, avoid needle cutting.     Material Specification:
Item Specification
Form White Liquid
Technical Data
Wax Type PE Wax
Solids Content 30±1%
Ionic Character Cationic
Melting Range 115℃
pH-Value PH 5.0-6.0
  Storage To be stored at least 12 months under +6-28℃, to avoid frozen and temperature higher than 40℃   Dosage Dyeing bath: 0.6-2% owf Temperature: 25-50℃ Time: 15-30 min Before added SE-947, dilute it by cool water. Processing: single-dip-single-nip or double-dip-double-nip, 70%-80% wet pick-up, drying at 120℃, curing at 140 to 170℃ for 30 to 60 seconds. Note: The above processing is for reference only. For the specific formula and processing, you should take the sample test result into consideration.   Packaging * 50 KG/Drum * 120 KG/Drum * 1000 KG/Drum  

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