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Rallychem is the largest oxidized polyethylene wax producer in Asia with a production capacity of more than 45,000 t/ year, including high density oxidized wax and low density oxidized wax. And according to customer's needs and production process, customized to provide different acid values, different viscosity of high-performance oxidized polyethylene wax.


Rallychem oxidized polyethylene wax serves the plastics, textile, ink, leather, asphalt, adhesives and other industries, and can be further extended to produce wax emulsions and micro-powder wax products to meet the requirements of special fields.

Our advantages

Batch stability, safe production

Our advanced production technology maintains the batch acid value of oxidized polyethylene wax stable within a ±1 margin, enabling customers to bid farewell to fluctuations and ensuring trouble-free production.

Customized service

Rallychem masters wax oxidation, modification, grafting, and other technologies to assist customers in customizing products. Whether it is in plastics, textiles, coatings, or other industries, we cater to the cost and performance requirements.

Stable supply

Our robust factory capacity ensures the stability and reliability of your supply chain.


With innovation and research and development as the core strategy, Rallychem is committed to providing global customers with Chinese-made solutions and unique performance products to help customers stand out in the market.


Rallychem Chemicals will provide you with professional consulting services, PVC/CPVC customized solution services, wax additives, wax emulsions, micro polymers customized production services, welcome to contact us.

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