The spirit of scientific research is not only a responsibility but also a belief

Rallychem Research and Development Center always shoulders its responsibilities. Focus on sustainable development and social responsibility, always keep in new fields, new industries in the continuous exploration, committed to improving all aspects of life, and actively research and development of social development with environmental protection, energy saving products and technologies. We always believe that Riller's technology can be the creator of a better life for human beings.

Innovative technology that translates into practical science at high speed

Ruile's scientific research team has more than 15 years of synthesis application and more than 30 years of application experience in the industry. Facing the challenge of the industry's technological updates, we have injected 20 million dollars to match the world's most advanced additives synthesis equipment and product performance testing instruments, to create the core technology of wax synthesis and modification with intellectual property rights, and to develop and produce high-performance wax additives and environmentally friendly water-based wax emulsions that are already leading the way in the world. We really realize the rapid transformation from concept to product, and create more innovative solutions to help customers solve practical problems.

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