Provide an indispensable and efficient auxiliary for metal processing

Metal die casting release agents are crucial to the quality of mold castings, production efficiency, and mold longevity. Rallychem's wax additives, built on a long-term technical foundation and application experience in metal processing, are primarily utilized in metal forming processes such as casting, forging, stretching, and extrusion. They offer superior release performance, mold protection, and are environmentally friendly, making them an indispensable and efficient auxiliary in the metal stripping industry.


Excellent release performance

Rallychem's environmentally friendly water-based wax emulsion is primarily used as a mold and core coating agent. It effectively releases products from molds without damaging the mold or casting surfaces, extends mold service life, reduces metal oxidation, prevents pore and impurity formation, and enhances casting quality.

Long-lasting bubble suppression and stable play

After special design and preparation, Rallychem cutting fluid defoamer has the characteristics of low surface tension, good diffusivity, good compatibility, and can quickly defoamer and long-lasting defoamer. It can play a stable role under various temperature and PH conditions, and does not damage the performance of the cutting fluid itself to ensure the smooth metal processing.

Take environmental performance into account

Rallychem's water-based wax emulsion and cutting fluid defoamer offer environment, health and safety benefits through innovative technology.

Case Studies

With a deep understanding of the characteristics of PVC materials and an excellent mastery of multi-processing technology, Rallychem has accumulated a wealth of practical experience and successful cases.


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