Original Polyester Homopolymer R&D and Application

Polymer toughening modifier is a special additive added to plastics, rubber and other polymer materials, whose main function is to significantly improve the toughness, impact strength and anti-cracking properties of the base resin through physical or chemical action.

Multi-functional polyester homopolymer is a special powder material for plastics, rubber, asphalt and other polymers, which is custom developed by Rallychem Chemical in cooperation with the Japan Institute for Materials Research. Compared with traditional modification processing aids, Multi-functional polyester homopolymer is able to significantly improve the performance of the final product and bring more added value. It also increases the toughness of polymers and requires less additive volume to obtain the relevant functions, which is more cost-effective.

Our advantages

Replaces many toughening agents

Rallychem polyester homopolymers replace ACR, CPE, MBS, SBS, POE, etc., while reducing lubricant additives.

Cost savings and superior compatibility

Rallychem polyester homopolymers reduce formulation costs and improve end-product performance. They are also compatible with a wide range of resins, polymers and rubber systems, providing excellent material compatibility.


Rallychem provides versatile polyester homopolymer solutions with unique versatility and flexibility to meet the innovative needs of the marketplace by accurately regulating key properties such as molecular weight, crystallization rate, temperature resistance, mechanical strength, and clarity in conjunction with customer-specific application conditions and performance expectations.


With innovation and research and development as the core strategy, Rallychem is committed to providing global customers with Chinese-made solutions and unique performance products to help customers stand out in the market.


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