Producer of micronized waxes with particle sizes up to 20 μm

Rallychem Chemical's range of micronized waxes made from RLWAX® high performance wax additives offers outstanding quality and performance. The quality of the raw materials is strictly controlled and controlled by a precise average particle size distribution of less than 20 μm. These micronized waxes are used in a wide range of applications such as powder coatings, coil coatings, cosmetic powders, wood finishes, printing inks and pigment dispersion.

Our advantage

Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance and anti-adhesion stability

With high melting point and hardness, Rallychem Chemical's micronized waxes exhibit excellent abrasion and scratch resistance in powder coatings, with a smooth feel and excellent anti-adhesion properties. At the same time, they can effectively improve the surface smoothness, feel and mold release of both aqueous and non-aqueous coatings.

Super wetting and dispersing properties

Rallychem's micronized waxes have excellent pigment wetting and coating effects, which improves pigment dispersion, reduces the amount of expensive pigments and improves the brightness of the product. They are particularly suitable for pigment pretreatment and the production of highly concentrated pigment masterbatches.


With innovation and research and development as the core strategy, Rallychem is committed to providing global customers with Chinese-made solutions and unique performance products to help customers stand out in the market.


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