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With more than 30 years of experience in PVC applications and more than 10,000 customers worldwide, Rallychem provides advisory services to PVC producers to help customers overcome the conflicting challenges of performance and cost.

Polyester homopolymer and targeted polyester wax are the most suitable for PVC processing of a new generation of processing aids, significantly reducing cost and increasing efficiency. Rallychem offers comprehensive solutions that take into account the whole of formula, process and equipment to solve PVC processing challenges.



Cost optimization

Rallychem has a deep understanding of the cost pressures faced by PVC products companies and assists customers in optimizing not only material costs but also achieving a notable reduction in overall costs.

Improve product performance

Through tensile strength, elongation at break, flattening test, compressive test and other tests, we meet the market demands.

Multi-machine adaptation, processing window wide

The simplicity of the formula makes it suitable for factories with multiple production lines, facilitating centralized procurement to meet bulk demand.

Case Studies

With a deep understanding of the characteristics of PVC materials and an excellent mastery of multi-processing technology, Rallychem has accumulated a wealth of practical experience and successful cases.


Rallychem will provide you with professional consulting services, PVC/CPVC customized solution services, wax additives, wax emulsions, micro polymers customized production services, welcome to contact us.

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