Provide superior asphalt high temperature resistant modifier

Rallychem polymer is a novel high-performance additive for asphalt, offering superior temperature resistance. It is compatible with asphalt and has a lower melting point than standard hot mix asphalt processes require. Exhibiting good thermal stability, it effectively lowers the temperatures needed for mixing, spreading, and compacting asphalt mixtures, thus enhancing the high-temperature performance of asphalt. Recognized by leading road asphalt and waterproofing enterprises for its performance, Rallychem polymer stands out in the industry for its innovative contribution to asphalt technology.


Quickly improve the heat resistance of asphalt

The incorporation of Rallychem polymer significantly enhances the adhesion of asphalt bonding materials, resulting in a denser mixture structure. This leads to notable improvements in the softening point and high-temperature performance of the asphalt mixture without compromising viscosity. Such advancements facilitate production and construction processes, ensuring compliance with national heat resistance standards.

Upgrade asphalt PG grade at low temperature

Incorporating Rallychem polymer into asphalt enhances its PG grade, thereby bolstering the water stability of the asphalt mixture. It augments compaction efficacy, enhances high-temperature stability, and fortifies resistance to low-temperature cracking, all without adversely affecting asphalt's medium and low-temperature performance.


Rallychem has mastered the core processes of wax oxidation, modification, and grafting, enabling us to assist customers in customizing solutions that meet both performance and cost requirements.

Case Studies

With a deep understanding of the characteristics of PVC materials and an excellent mastery of multi-processing technology, Rallychem has accumulated a wealth of practical experience and successful cases.


Rallychem will provide you with professional consulting services, PVC/CPVC customized solution services, wax additives, wax emulsions, micro polymers customized production services, welcome to contact us.

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