Self-developed new generation of environmentally friendly plasticizers

Plasticizers play a key role in plastics processing by reducing the interaction force between polymer molecules and increasing their flexibility and plasticity, thus making plastic products easier to process during molding. With increased environmental awareness and technological advances, the industry is turning to the development and promotion of new, environmentally friendly plasticizers that are safer, more harmless and meet environmental standards. With the industry's top scientific research strength, Rallychem Chemical has exclusively developed a new generation of environmentally friendly plasticizers , RL-601 , which is free of o-benzene and p-benzene, and exhibits excellent plasticizing effect.

Our advantages

Professional certification, greener environment

Rallychem Chemical's eco-friendly solid plasticizer RL-601 is free of o-benzene and p-benzene, environmentally friendly has passed REACH and ROHS tests, and meets the EU export standards.

Better mechanical and thermal stability

RL-601 can be used as a main plasticizer alone or in combination with other main and auxiliary plasticizers, with low volatility, low migration, superior durability, and also with auxiliary heat stabilization function, which can still maintain good performance under high temperature conditions. Compared with the traditional plasticizer DOTP, it can completely or partially replace DOTP, and does not affect the production process and mechanical properties of PVC film, board, cloth, leather, cable material and fire hose in use.


With innovation and research and development as the core strategy, Rallychem is committed to providing global customers with Chinese-made solutions and unique performance products to help customers stand out in the market.


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