Superior hot melt marking coatings

Compared to traditional hot melt marking coatings, Rallychem's advanced composite technology and scientifically formulated designs result in superior performance in practical applications. These include quick drying, enduring reflectivity, robust wear resistance, and resilience to climate variations. Each of these performance metrics exceeds industry standards.


Excellent aging and weather resistance

Rallychem's hot melt marking coating enhances fluidity and workability, mitigating the effects of ultraviolet radiation, rain erosion, and temperature fluctuations, thereby extending the service life of the markings.

Significant cost reduction and efficiency

It effectively enhances the wear and scratch resistance of hot melt marking lines, thereby reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and offering greater cost-effectiveness.


Rallychem is well-versed in the critical properties of coatings, including melting point, adhesion, temperature resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, and durability. We specialize in crafting customized, efficient hot melt marking solutions tailored to our customers' needs.

Case Studies

With a deep understanding of the characteristics of PVC materials and an excellent mastery of multi-processing technology, Rallychem has accumulated a wealth of practical experience and successful cases.


Rallychem will provide you with professional consulting services, PVC/CPVC customized solution services, wax additives, wax emulsions, micro polymers customized production services, welcome to contact us.

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