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As a leading manufacturer of water-based wax additives, our products are widely used in the industries of textile yarn strength protection, surface performance improvement of coatings and inks, leather surface treatment, rubber, metal and paper mold release.

We focus more on helping our global customers to solve practical problems and meet the advanced needs of the market through our rich industry experience and technological innovation.

Our advantages

More environmentally friendly products

Rallychem Chemical's waterborne wax emulsion products are developed with the concept of environmental protection, featuring no ammonia, no formaldehyde, zero VOC, no heavy metals, no VOX, no APEO, and low emulsifier usage.

Superior performance

In the application of various industries, it has the characteristics of stable and not easy to delamination, strong compatibility and good configuration, high hardness and anti-abrasion, and easy emulsification. Such as textile yarn application, more effective lubrication of yarns; mold release effect, more effective to improve the fluidity of performance; water-based coatings/varnish ink, more anti-scratch wear-resistant and smooth; paper equipment and fruit seeds, more waterproof and anti-sticky mold release.


With innovation and research and development as the core strategy, Rallychem is committed to providing global customers with Chinese-made solutions and unique performance products to help customers stand out in the market.


Rallychem Chemicals will provide you with professional consulting services, PVC/CPVC customized solution services, wax additives, wax emulsions, micro polymers customized production services, welcome to contact us.

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