2024 / 05 / 28

Rallychem innovates and develops to create unlimited possibilities

Recently, Rallychem Chemicals unveiled its unique "consultative treatment" service and a series of innovative solutions at CHINAPLAS 2024, the international rubber and plastics exhibition. As a producer of high-performance plastic additives, Rallychem Chemicals is dedicated not only to providing products but also to deeply engaging in every aspect of plastic processing, offering customers comprehensive diagnostic and solution strategies.

At the exhibition site, Rallychem Chemicals brought two cutting-edge exclusive new products, polyester hompolymer and CPVC formulation products, heralding the future trajectory of the plastic processing sector.


The polyester hompolymer developed for the PVC sector enhance resilience while preserving product rigidity.Compared to traditional toughening agents such as CPE, ACR, and MBS, these copolymers not only require less quantity but also overcome the low-temperature performance bottleneck. They also embody environmental protection property, compatible with the green production of the industry, truly achieve the perfect balance of toughening, environmental protection and low cost.


Another highlight is Rallychem Chemicals 's latest research and development of CPVC formulation products. Regarding the processing challenges of CPVC, Rallychem chemicals has provide enterprises with a set of low-cost and efficient production solutions through its core technologies—toughening and lubrication. Even in situations with limited equipment, Rallychem Chemicals can manufacture high-quality CPVC products, meeting physical performance requirements, increasing production capacity, and truly achieving cost reduction and efficiency improvement.


Innovation is at the core of Rallychem Chemicals's values, as the company leverages over 15 years of high-performance material synthesis technology and more than 30 years of deep application experience in the PVC and CPVC industries. Through close interaction with customers, Rallychem chemicals acts as a collaborative research and development center, closely following customer needs to develop breakthroughs each year, continuously launching new projects that meet market demands. Such innovation-driven endeavors continually bring forth cost-effective solutions for the plastic processing domain, thereby co-creating boundless possibilities for the future.


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